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The GMR Group

Welcome to The GMR Group LLC

Founded by Jason Elvis Heard back in 2009 The GMR Group has been expanding ever since with various business ventures and partnerships. With business ventures in different industries the GMR Group is focused on businesses that provide unique value in an otherwise commodity driven world. The GMR Group now spans 4 different industries with 4 unique businesses operating from Arizona and California. More information and links to the various websites are below, please feel free to contact the GMR Group for any questions of inquiries.

Stratton Steam – Professional Steam Boiler Service

Founded in late 2014 Stratton Steam focuses on commercial steam boilers that serve steam rooms in facilities like Gyms and Resorts. Being focused on being the industries highest quality service provider has awarded Stratton pretentious clients all throughout California. Stratton is not only the highest quality service provider for these specific boilers but we are also one of the only service providers who specialize in after-hours service, working through the night to maintain the high level of member experiences for our clients. Current Clients include Equinox Gyms, Pelican Hill, Balboa Bay Resort, and Shutters on the Beach.

The GMR Group
The GMR Group

TeKK Robotic Solutions

Founded by Jason and Adam Heard in 2011 TeKK is changing the way the world views robotics. We take a step back from the market, pull from experience, and then develop products that fit very specific needs. We avoid the mundane and typical approach to robotics with the traditional “monkey see – monkey do” because we  not only tackle the hard challenges but make the solutions seem easy.

SeDan Group Enterprises

SeDanGroup is a Business Technology Firm that represents the future of Managed Cloud Technology and Business Process Management as a Managed Services Provider (MSP) of Telecom Services, Technical Support, Web Design and Social Media Services. Our team of experienced professionals proactively assume complete responsibility for our clients’ managed business processes and business technology solutions. Clients’ expectations are exceeded because we are accountable and understandable.

The GMR Group
The GMR Group

The GMR Design and Development

Tracing its roots back to the first days of The GMR this division of GMR Group still provides the high end Motorsports industry with professional design / consulting. Working closely with several manufactures/ builders in the industry The GMR is still connecting the dots for companies who need the expert design and consulting from an industry veteran.

JEH Publishing

Taring his roots back to the high end fabrication industry and early days of “The GMR”, Jason has written several books that are now available on for download. Currently he is working on completing his series on professional fabrication and welding then plans to move into books related to small business development along with asset management. In the next few years you will soon see the development of a new division for The GMR Group LLC related to asset management, The Millennial Asset Manager series will be debuting in late 2017.

The GMR Group

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